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With headquarter in Beijing and three medical centers in Shenzhen, Shenyang, and Chongqing, till the end of 2022, Clickalign had 80,000+ clinics registered online and 100,000+ cases of orthodontic treatment provided to patients. Our unique online operation system enables us to significantly simplify and speed up the planning-feedback-production process, therefore, making the orthodontic process optimized for both dentists and patients.
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Why Choose Clickalign

The biomaterial used for Clickalign Pro is our self-developed IPN film, which is the first NMPA-certified medical-class resin film specifically for invisible orthodontic treatment.
Our treatment planning team consists of over one hundred professionally educated dentists, who can provide responsive feedback and accurate treatment plan for every single case.
Click OS is a new generation of self-developed AI tooth arrangement software, a comprehensive processing system that integrates different technologies.
Our automated production line can make the whole production process standardized and automatically operated, including data analyzing and importing, film pressing and robotic cutting, sorting, packaging, etc.
Each aligner will go through a strict disinfection process before leaving the factory and has its own traceable source code to ensure the traceability of quality and safety.
While the production quality is guaranteed, the production efficiency has also been increased by three times compared to manual mode – the manufacturing lead-time can be reduced to as short as 3 working days.

Invisible and Good Looking

Clickalign Pro is made of transparent polymer material with unique patented technology, which makes it barely noticeable while wearing and does not affect daily life at all.

Thin, Light and Comfortable

Our aligners are made of medical-class resin films with thickness of only 0.75mm. While wearing, there is no strong feeling of foreign body or traction, and it hardly causes any oral ulcer.


Our 3D design software can accurately control each tooth’s movement by 0.2mm to ensure your teeth move on the right track.


Through research on the characteristics of tooth moment system, combined with post-3D-modeling correction simulation technology, we make the mechanism of aligners and the treatment result of each movement directly displayed.


Clear aligners can be taken off and inserted at any time without affecting diet or teeth brushing, so as to ensure oral hygiene. Compared with fixed braces, Clickalign Pro can significantly reduce the incidence of demineralization and caries.


Each aligner is custom-made specially for you and is required to be replaced every ten days, which is more in line with your personal correction process.


Clickalign Pro can help straighten teeth misalignment, including crowded teeth, spaced teeth, openbite, deep overbite, overjet, and underbite, for patients who have intra-oral prosthesis or implant, whose teeth surface cannot be attached to brackets, and who are suffering from periodontitis.

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Clickalign, a leading invisible orthodontics manufacturer in China, has been specializing in invisible orthodontics for over ten years.




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