Revolutionary clear aligner
material for ideal orthodontic
biomechanical expression

Self-developed Dental Material

The first TPU film granted the certificate for dental use by NMPA in China​​​​​​
According to the application needs of clear aligner and the biomechanical needs of orthodontic treatment, through rigorous selection of raw materials, creative adjustment of the proportion of components, and optimization of processing technics, we successfully developed the IPN (Interpenetrating Polymer Network) film, whose hardness/softness is adaptive to various cases.

3-Layer Structure

By using polymer science, the 3-layer solution reaches the balance between the resilience needed for easy insertion and take-off and the rigidity needed for force persistence and durability. Different properties of each layer ensure the ideal force expression required by orthodontic treatment.

 More durable and stable
Slow stress relaxation after elastic deformation makes IPN film more durable.
 Stronger tear resistance
After forming, it is much more difficult for aligners to tear.
 Better fitting
The real curvature detection ensures accurate fitting to various tooth shape.
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