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It refers to that when the mouth is closed, the lower anterior teeth exceed the upper anterior teeth. It is usually caused by the excessive protrusion of the lower jaw, which may lead to failure of normal chewing, clear pronunciation and faster tooth abrasion.

Deep Overbite

It refers to that the maxillary teeth over-cover the mandibular teeth. When it is covered too deep, it causes problems from tooth abrasion to joint pain.

Crowded Teeth

The amount of teeth is greater than the amount of bones. Usually, it is caused by insufficient position of teeth or premature or late eruption of teeth, which can result in food impaction, uneasy to clean and affect the appearance.


When the mouth is closed, there is no occlusal contact between the upper teeth and the lower teeth, which is easy to cause difficulty in chewing or unable to bite into some ordinary food.

Spaced Teeth

It refers to the extra space between two or more teeth, which is easy to form periodontal pockets between teeth and gums, jam food, cause gum weakness and pain and even lead to gum disease.


The maxillary teeth cover the mandibular teeth too much in the horizontal direction. When it is covered too deep, the upper anterior teeth are easy to be injured and the chewing efficiency is reduced, affecting the appearance.
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