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Treatment Planning

Experienced Orthodontic Treatment Planning Team

Clickalign orthodontic treatment planning team is led by orthodontic experts from the Stomatological Hospital of Peking University and consists of nearly 100 full-time dentists, of which 80% have served more than 1000 patients on their own. With expertise in dentistry, we provide patients with professional and thorough invisible orthodontic treatment plans.


Our aligner material, IPN (Interpenetrating Polymer Network) film is the first NMPA (National Medical Products Administration, formerly CFDA in China) certified medical-class resin film specifically for invisible orthodontic treatment in China, which is superior to competitors in six aspects.

lighter and thinner
Lighter and Thinner
better stain resistance
Better Stain Resistance
stronger tear resistance
Stronger Tear Resistance
higher resilience
Higher Resilience
durable and stable
More Durable and Stable
better fitting
Better Fitting

Click OS

Click OS is a new generation of AI tooth arrangement software and comprehensive processing system that integrates different technologies including orthodontic parameter modeling, measurement, diagnosis, result prediction, treatment planning, efficacy monitoring, tooth arrangement database, treatment decision-making, etc.
  Efficient treatment planning
Improve the treatment planning efficiency by parameterizing the tooth model, unifying the diagnostic criteria and simplifying the analysis process of treatment plan.
  Big data analysis
Improve the success rate of orthodontic treatment by integrating fine-tuning matching technology, verifying the feasibility of the treatment plan with big data and enhancing the continuity of treatment.
  Integrate theory with practice
Integrate the successful tooth arrangement technology from clinical orthodontists and apply it to actual cases to reduce the damage of aligners.
  Precise and controllable
Strengthen the collection, mining and analysis of data, then come up with better medical conclusions and clinical pathway plan, which allows more suitable treatment plan for patients to be provided.

Standardized and Efficient Service

Quick Response

We provide expert suggestions within 24 hours after receiving the essential clinical data and prescription form of the patient.

Timely Operation

After receiving essential clinical data and prescription form, our production team and medical center will complete the tooth-splitting process and the treatment plan within 3 working days.

Effective Delivery

After the treatment plan is confirmed, it takes only 3-5 working days for our automated production line to finish the production process.


Our automated production line can make the whole production process standardized and automatically operated, including data analyzing and importing, film pressing and robotic cutting, sorting and packaging, etc.
Each aligner will go through strict disinfection process before leaving the factory and has their own traceable source code to ensure the traceability of quality and safety.
While the production quality is guaranteed, the production efficiency has also been increased by three times compared to manual mode - the manufacturing lead-time can be reduced to as short as 3 working days.
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Clickalign, a leading invisible orthodontics manufacturer in China, has been specializing in invisible orthodontics for over ten years.




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