Click OS 2.0: VTO Root System ---'BeiDou Navigation Satellite System’ in Invisible Orthodontic Treatment
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Click OS 2.0: VTO Root System ---'BeiDou Navigation Satellite System’ in Invisible Orthodontic Treatment

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Clickalign’s treatment plan software has recently unveiled a groundbreaking enhancement: Click OS 2.0. The latest version introduces the pioneering VTO (Visual Treatment Objective) Root System, revolutionizing orthodontic treatment planning and execution by harnessing state-of-the-art AI technology and advanced deep learning capabilities.

  • VTO Module

Based on a database of over 100,000 real cases, Clickalign employs AI-powered analysis to predict and simulate changes in both soft and hard tissues pre- and post-treatment. This technology automatically forecasts the appearance of soft tissues after treatment, aiding orthodontists in reviewing target positions while ensuring precise and efficient treatment planning. Moreover, it significantly facilitates communication between doctors and patients.

截屏2023-12-21 11.35.38_副本

A screenshot from Click OS

Within the VTO analysis interface, the AI algorithm automatically generates the feature points in the lateral cephalometric radiograph to match with the provided dental models, outlining the contours of soft and bone tissues. This feature enables orthodontists to visually inspect the target positions and the contours of a patient’s soft and bone tissues.

  • Root Module

Clickalign’s deep learning technology, powered by a comprehensive database, constructs true-to-life, 1:1 three-dimensional dental models. Based on CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) data, AI algorithms simulate root movement accurately and efficiently, offering a visual representation of root data.

截屏2023-12-21 11.39.33

A screenshot from Click OS

Within the root interface, AI algorithms can generate a true-to-scale, three-dimensional dental model from CBCT data, which allows orthodontists to observe the arrangement of tooth roots, facilitating a better assessment of the three-dimensional relationships between patient crowns, tooth roots, and jawbones during the alignment process. Besides, orthodontists can dynamically check and evaluate root relationships.


As orthodontic digitization technology rapidly evolves, the virtual and the real are gradually converging toward better orthodontic treatment and service. Clickalign remains committed to its core principles of innovation, providing orthodontists with high-quality diagnostic and treatment tools, aiming to deliver higher-quality and more efficient orthodontic services, and collaborating with dental professionals to create confident and beautiful smiles for patients.

Clickalign, a leading invisible orthodontics manufacturer in China, has been specializing in invisible orthodontics for over ten years.




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