Why Can’t Invisible Orthodontic Treatment Be Rushed?
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Why Can’t Invisible Orthodontic Treatment Be Rushed?

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1.     The Principles of Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment involves a process of rebuilding the alveolar bone. Our teeth are firmly anchored within the alveolar bone, much like tree roots are deeply embedded in the soil.

The Elastic and Resilient Periodontal Ligament: Between our teeth and the alveolar bone lies a substance known as the periodontal ligament, providing our teeth with a certain degree of mobility to prevent harm. If you gently wiggle your teeth with your fingers, you can feel the presence of this ligament.

Maintaining Alveolar Bone Thickness: Orthodontic treatment relies on the mechanism of tooth movement and the concurrent growth of the alveolar bone. Orthodontists use aligners to apply external forces to teeth, leading to gradual movement within the alveolar bone. Under this pressure, the alveolar bone in the direction of tooth movement also grows, ensuring the maintenance of the thickness of the alveolar bone surrounding the teeth. Conversely, any excess bone on the side where the teeth are moving gradually gets reabsorbed, restoring the bone to its normal thickness.

2.     Excessive Orthodontic Force Can Backfire

Some patients may ask their dentists to increase the force, believing that more force means faster correction, even if it means enduring more discomfort. However, the truth is that greater force does not translate to quicker tooth movement. Research indicates that very small forces are sufficient to initiate tooth movement, and excessive force not only fails to accelerate tooth movement but can actually slow it down, leading to potential side effects.

3.     The Harms of Blindly Pursuing the Alignment Speed

Periodontal Damage: In orthodontic treatment, tooth movement is accomplished through appropriate orthodontic force, which induces remodeling of the alveolar bone. Excessive force can potentially cause periodontal damage, resulting in shortened tooth roots or even premature loosening and loss of teeth.

Bite Function Impairment: Orthodontics is not just about aesthetics; the ultimate goal is to optimize the bite. If teeth that should remain stationary are shifted, and those meant to move are left unchanged, the original cusp-to-fossa bite relationship is disrupted. This not only affects bite contact but can also lead to reduced chewing efficiency. Additionally, excessive forces on individual teeth can cause periodontal damage, resulting in tooth mobility.

Alveolar Bone Resorption: In standard orthodontic treatment, some degree of alveolar bone resorption may occur, but it should not be excessive. However, if excessive force is applied during treatment without allowing sufficient time for bone formation, it can lead to increased alveolar bone resorption.

Invisible orthodontic treatment is a gradual process, and it’s not possible to see rapid results just a few days after wearing aligners. Throughout the treatment, patients need to closely collaborate with their dentist and adhere to his/her advice for timely follow-up appointments. We hope that every patient undergoing invisible orthodontic treatment can patiently await the gradual transformation of their teeth.

Whenever invisible orthodontic treatment is required, Clickalign will consistently serve as a reliable partner for both dentists and patients.

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