Why It's Suggested to Choose B2B Clear Aligner Brand?
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Why It's Suggested to Choose B2B Clear Aligner Brand?

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As a fast-growing clear aligner manufacturer, Clickalign has always been committed to providing doctor-led treatments with its streamlined, professional, and efficient workflow:

work flow

In fact, the field of orthodontics has witnessed a significant shift in recent years with the emergence of direct-to-consumer (DTC) aligners, promising convenient teeth straightening solutions from the comfort of one's home. Having briefly explored Clickalign’s workflow, I would like to draw your attention to why orthodontist-provided aligners offer a superior alternative to DTC aligners:

Expertise and Professional Oversight

One of the most compelling reasons to choose B2B aligners is the presence of expert orthodontists who specialize in dental alignment, ensuring that treatment progresses smoothly, with appropriate adjustments made as necessary. In contrast, DTC aligners often rely on a self-assessment process, lacking the in-person evaluation and supervision of an orthodontist, which can lead to suboptimal outcomes, as the complexities of dental alignment may be overlooked or underestimated.

Customization and Tailored Solutions

B2B companies are able to provide aligners that are precisely tailored to the patient's individual needs, ensuring optimal comfort and effectiveness by working closely with dental professionals. DTC aligners, on the other hand, often offer a one-size-fits-all approach. While they may claim to provide personalized treatment, the lack of professional evaluation and customization can result in ill-fitting aligners that fail to address specific orthodontic concerns.

Comprehensive Treatment and Monitoring

Orthodontist-provided aligners offer comprehensive treatment plans that encompass more than just teeth straightening, such as bite alignment, jaw positioning, and occlusion, which ensures that patients achieve not only a straight smile but also improved functionality and long-term oral health. DTC aligners often focus solely on the aesthetic aspect of teeth alignment, neglecting potential underlying problems. Without professional monitoring throughout the treatment process, patients may miss out on the opportunity to address more complex dental issues that can impact their oral health in the future.

In a nutshell, Clickalign, an orthodontists-provided aligner brand, provides doctors with professional, convenient, and efficient services through its self-developed digitalized workflow. When it comes to achieving optimal results, ensuring oral health, and managing complex cases, B2B aligners remain the preferred choice. Prioritizing the expertise of orthodontists and their commitment to patient care is crucial for successful and safe teeth alignment treatment.

Clickalign, a leading invisible orthodontics manufacturer in China, has been specializing in invisible orthodontics for over ten years.




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